Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Something #11

We spy with our little eyes something that is RECYCLED or EARTH FRIENDLY in honor of Earth Day.

Beth spied:

(My little collection on Nalgene bottles. Love how beat up the clear one looks.)

Nicole spied:

(Just part of our recycling bins - we are also working on saving up our cans - and instead of having the recycling truck pick them up we are going to bring them to the recycling center ourselves and the kids get to keep the money - or spend it how they please.)

Please post a link to your blog of your photo and/or add it to our Flickr group.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Spying!


Kimberly White said...

Happy Earth day! Great prompt this week! Because I'm late for last week I posted two ... you can see mine here:



camport said...

does this count?


my idea kinda turned into a LO.


joscelyne cutchens said...

Here is my earth friendly post...

Melissa said...

Here's mine! :)


LauraBelle said...

I so wanted to be 'creative' but just wound up with THIS ...