Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Something #17

We spy with our little eyes some NUMBERS.

Beth Spied:
(had some great pasta at D'Amico & Sons)

Nicole Spied:

(Spied these numbers while browsing some kids bedding at IKEA.)

As always, please leave a link to your photo and also feel free to add it to the We Spy : You Spy Flickr group.

Happy Spying!


Chad & Katie said...

Sorry Beth! Guess I was too rushed in my blog jumping and didn't realize what I was doing.

So, now on the correct blog.... here's my numbers!


O said...

Hi--here are my numbers: http://im-up-for-the-challenge.blogspot.com/2008/06/something-17-we-spy-you-spy-blog.html

Corey said...

Here's mine

Lisa said...

Found some: Numbers.

Katrin said...

This was hard for me! ;) Here are mine:


~Kammie~ said...
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~Kammie~ said...

I was very surpised no one do this one......your address


LauraBelle said...

Numbers are my life ... I'd be lost without THIS!!

Here it is also on flickr

rachel whetzel said...

Yay!! I got one in FINALLY!!! Computer woes... I hate them. I'll have it blogged tomorrow. Until then, it's on Flickr!!