Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something #47

We spy with our little eyes TIME.

Beth spied:
Nicole spied:

And with that spy we have decided that it is time for We Spy:You Spy to come to an end. With the start of a new year, and new obligations, we thought ending the challenge this week was best way to wrap up 2008. Thank you all so much for playing along with us this past year (and our 47 spies) and sharing all of your lives with us. It has been such a fun thing to be a part of!

Even though we aren't going to be challenging you to spy specific things each week, make sure to continue capturing those daily pieces of your life.

As always -
Happy Spying!!


O said...

Hi gals....I'm sad to learn that you're ending the challenge but I totally understand! First, a little post about you two & your wonderful We Spy:You Spy blog: Say it isn't so
...and my final spy: The Final Spy

Happy New Year! I love your clocks and your spies of 'time'! Thanks again for this past year of fun challenges! Take care :)

Rebecca said...

I always seem to be running out of time (hence the picture) so I completely understand and appreciate the need to put a hold on the challenges Thank you for the wonderful inspiration... it sure was fun while it lasted!!

Best wishes!

themathchick said...

Hi Everyone,

Here is my spy for the final Time...

Thank you Beth & Nicole for the wonderful fun and inspiration with the WS:YS challenges (and what beautiful photos to finish with!)- I've thoroughly enjoyed playing along, and seeing how everyone interpreted the weekly spys in their own way :)

Happy New Year!!

LauraBelle said...

aww... I got home from being offline for two weeks to find that you're 'closing shop' ... but I DO understand! Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience and for the friendships created by the two of you for having done this site for us ... and I'll be peeking in on the two of you now and then. Take care and God bless you in all you do! {{huggz}}

Valeri said...

oh please bring this back!!! i miss it so!! i keep coming back every few weeks hoping and hoping but it is still the same, sniff...